Recently, our company “Gaming Support Services Inc.”, the organizer of “Phil-Asian Gaming Expo”, also known as “PAGE”, “Asian Expo” and “Philippine Asian Gaming Expo”. Recently, our company received inquiries that some people have faked the name of the company or the expo name to swindle on the Internet. The factual statement and the solemn statement are as follows:

The rights such as the name of our company are legally protected by law, and the act of fraudulently impersonating the name of another person shall bear the corresponding civil liability. The act of impersonating another person, using false information, and embezzlement constitutes a crime of fraud in connection with the relevant provisions of the criminal law of the Philippines.

In order to regulate the market, protect the interests of customers, and maintain the image of the company, we hereby solemnly declare the following:

1. The company's full name is "Gaming Support Services Inc.". The official website is: and other similar names, websites, APP's has nothing to do with our company. To our customers, please pay attention to the difference so as to not cause inconvenience to yourself.

2. Our company is a local event management company with complete license and legitimate experience in Philippines. It has never carried out gambling business activities (such as game development, agency, etc.) The company reserve the right to report to the competent department for any website or individuals that uses our name for such activities.

3. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this recent presence of personnel posing as our company for commercial activities that caused doubts and problems for customers.

The company does not assume any legal responsibility for any commercial activities that the company engaged in. We sincerely hope that our customers will be vigilant and beware of being deceived. For all fraudulent content publishers, please immediately remove all infringing content and stop all violations.

At the same time, the company's legal team carried out evidence preservation for all relevant evidence to further take relevant legal measures to pursue the legal liability of the publisher according to the requirements of rights protection,.

Gaming Support Services, Inc.
August 2019