Logo Specification

Logo Color Specification

HEX: #E91515
CMYK: 2 100 100 1
RGB: 233 21 21

HEX: #FF8383
CMYK: 0 62 37 0
RGB: 255 131 131

HEX: #DA2628
CMYK: 8 98 98 1
RGB: 218 38 40

CMYK: 0 0 0 0
RGB: 255 255 255

Logo Usage Specification

The PAGE Logo standard combination version (A) is preferred, the combination of version (B) will be used when the combination version (A) is not applicable. For example, such as when the logo placement space is limited. Black and white logo is mainly used for when monochromatic scheme is required, such as faxing, printing, etc. Do not use combinations and layouts other than the specifications provided.

Download PNG format of PAGE logos(Used for WEB)
Download PDF format of PAGE logos(Used for Print format)

Examples of Incorrect Logos